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Yet Another Code Geass Kink Meme (Part II)

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Thread the First
Also because The Another Code  Geass Kink Meme part I is filling, and anons everywhere are worried. So this is why I bring you, 
First Thread.

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june's lies | [ 01/?? ]

seeing as I don't have my flashdrive to work on the other two fills I have going and I have all the time in the world between phone calls at work, I've started this one ♥ I FEEL LIKE IT'S INADEQUATE, THOUGH ;_; I'm sorry hnng-- it's actually going to be quite long. after today, I won't have acess to the internet until Monday or Tuesday night, so- please bear with me--!

He doesn’t go so far as to suspect it the first time he sees Lelouch walk through the door limping.

He figures that it’s just Lelouch’s body protesting to the necessary exercise required to get up to their apartment. If he had called Suzaku, Suzaku would have gladly came outside so that he could sweep him off of his feet and carry him upstairs. He’s never had a problem with doing that before, and other than the momentary protest that the neighbor’s will see, it’s really nothing either of them minds.

However, the third time it happens, Suzaku’s brain starts performing cartwheels to figure out why. Whenever he asks Lelouch, all he gets is a salacious smile – a big jump from the look he’s wearing when he walks through the door, nothing but tired sighs leaving his mouth – and a hand against his chest, pushing him down the hall and to their shared room.

It’s a very good, very useful distraction technique, and Suzaku is quite familiar with it.

He’s also quite okay with it, as long as it means that Lelouch is beside him.

They sleep next to each other, with each other, and wake up next to each other with smiles on their faces, but when Lelouch heads to work it’s a completely different story.

Suzaku doesn’t want to be suspicious of Lelouch; as far as he knows, Lelouch is out conquering the world with his company, kicking ass, and taking names. That’s why he brushes it off and rolls his shoulders, preparing for his own day at work.

Which is, of course, entirely too stressful today.

No one has their shit together and they’re suffering from the workload left after Schneizel el Britannia hired another attorney at the firm. It had been the reverse of what he’d been trying to do, but Suzaku doesn’t dislike any of them, so he puts up with it. It’s just work, and soon he can go home to Lelouch and just be happy relaxing the rest of the night.

june's lies | [ 02/?? ]

Tonight is different. Schneizel keeps him at the firm until nine helping him finish his work – the Britannian is actually rather proficient by himself, but he says that he prefers Suzaku to be there just in case – and Suzaku has to rush home to try and meet up with Lelouch on the way.

Suzaku’s relaxing is abruptly halted when he’s standing outside of their apartment, the smell of rain strong in his nose and alarmed at the way the door’s beating against its frame. Um. He’s more than tempted to reach out and open the door to see what’s going on, but –



Ah, indeed.

His thoughts do not race one hundred miles a minute, his face does not color, and his expression does not slacken. The most he does is stare at the door and then turn on his heel, reaching up to loosen his tie – he had bothered to put on a suit today upon Schneizel’s strange, strange request – before he starts the track down the stairs.

His phone vibrates in his pocket, leaving him to wonder who just texted him; but, he doesn’t feel like checking, so he just keeps walking.

(A soldier’s walk, one dignified and strong, his head held high and his legs a shoulder width apart.)

Schneizel’s home is only about ten minutes away, lit up and white and spectacular. He feels like he’s seeing it for the first time when he stands at the gates and just waits for that sleek car to pull up.

He doesn’t have to wait long, thankfully, and Schneizel pulls up before the rain starts to pour. That would have been misfortunate, seeing as the suit Suzaku has on is the only one that he owns – one that had been too big for Lelouch back when he bought it, and before Lelouch could throw it out he had been able to jump in and convince Lelouch to let him wear it (then Lelouch proceeded to stare at Suzaku like a piece of meat) – so- he doesn’t want to damage it.

The look on his boss’s face is utterly priceless and he has to laugh a little at it.

june's lies | [ 03/?? ]

But, he makes a quick recovery by jogging over to the open car door that Schneizel is standing outside of with a scrunched up nose. His smile is bright when he asks, “Do you… mind too much if I stay over here for tonight?” When this makes Schneizel initially surprised and then strangely suspicious, Suzaku has to hurry to amend it. “I mean- well—I… don’t really want to go home tonight.”

Probing eyes stare scorching holes into his forehead like mind reading laser beams, making the younger male shift nervously. Awkwardly. Maybe this hadn’t been a good idea, but he really didn’t know who else he could turn to that would be in walking distance. Ah, well, he supposes he could call Gino, but he really doesn’t want to be in the same house with both he and Kallen--

“I don’t mind.”

-- what? “What?”

Amused, Schneizel slips back into the car and lets Suzaku in along with him. When he’s safely seated next to him – sprawled, more like – he reiterates, “I said that I don’t mind. You should know that by now.”

And, perhaps Suzaku should know that. Before he and Lelouch met, he and Schneizel had been close – so close that there hadn’t been much they didn’t do together or a day that they didn’t talk. Schneizel had been an escape, is always an escape, from all of the bad things happening in Suzaku’s life. He’s the calmness that brings the younger male down to earth gently, the reality that he so desperately needed back then – still needs now – when everything had seemed so out of control and unimaginably catastrophic.

(Sometimes, on days when Suzaku doesn’t know better, he thinks that – maybe – if Lelouch hadn’t come along…)

But, Schneizel is a successful lawyer, a brilliant genius, an able mind with gentle hands- Suzaku would have never been able to stand by his side. He’d only bring him bad luck, and that’s not something he wants to do.

“Y-yeah,” he finally stammers out, face heating because he zoned out. His eyes quickly divert to the car window, narrowing in confusion when he notices that the car is being moved in reverse.

As usual his boss is quick to pick up on it. “Weren’t you hungry?”

… yes, but he doesn’t want someone else paying for him. “Ah- I’m fine.”

His decision to look at Schneizel is one that makes his face flush at the look of disapproval.

“You’ve eaten nothing since this morning, Suzaku.” It’s true. He had shoved a piece of toast in his mouth and ran out the door to get to work, a convenient fifteen minute walk away. “There is nothing remotely fine about it.”

june's lies | [ 04/?? ] recaptcha says Iturby TOUCHING........ (unsure)

It seems that the other male has established himself as the current alpha male – something that Suzaku is finding that he’s okay with, because it’s familiar -- pulling out of the driveway and- and actually beginning to accelerate down the street until he reaches the speed limit. Thankfully for Suzaku, Lelouch’s elder brother is absolutely nothing like him when it comes to driving and upholding the law in his car.

He doesn’t want to think about Lelouch right now. Schneizel doesn’t help, “Did something happen?”

No. There is absolutely no way that he is going to tell his boss about his troubles with his boyfriend. (On the other hand, his boss is his best friend.) No, that doesn’t justify it. (But, it’s just Schneizel.) Schneizel- the same Schneizel who had a problem with his relationship with Lelouch to begin with? (Touché.)

… right. No point arguing with himself over it, especially not with blue eyes trying to pierce through his soul with his heavenly drill of a gaze. He shrinks a bit into the seat at that look, unsure of whether or not it would be right if he told Schneizel that Lelouch had been being fucked against the door of their apartment.

(All the times he came home limping make sense, now. But, it’s one thing to do it with someone outside of their home, but inside--)

Suzaku has taken Lelouch against the door, too; not recently, but long ago enough that Suzaku remembers it.

“Um, I…” Oh god how does he say this? “Nothing happened.”

Nothing happened. Yeah, because it looks like Schneizel believes that.

He seems to let it go, however, for which Suzaku is more than a little thankful.

As it turns out, Schneizel takes Suzaku out to a play pen -- a play pen with laser tag and bumper cars and oh dear god Suzaku forgets in the excitement of actually being there that he had heard someone fucking Lelouch against the door.

He thinks that if he hadn't fallen in love with Lelouch, he would be with Schneizel no matter what he thinks about his self worth.

It's after that thought that his phone vibrates again and this time he takes it out, in like to get tickets for the games. (He feels like a little kid again.)

Where are you?

The text that had just been sent to him -- he scrolls down and sees the one sent to him earlier: I love you.


june's lies | [ 05/?? ]

"It's Lelouch," he states blandly, not realizing at once that he's states it aloud. He doesn't regret it when he looks at Schneizel and sees his smile.

"Invite him. It should prove to be interesting." He means 'it should prove to be amusing', but Suzaku decides to take it in stride and texts Lelouch back with the tips of his paper cut thumbs.

Not even ten seconds later, there's a text back telling Suzaku that Lelouch is on his way. His brother chuckles and pulls Suzaku to the windows to watch for Lelouch.

His boyfriend has always been rather punctual, if a bit obsessively compulsed about it. He’s always on time for everything, and when he says he’ll be there in five minutes, he’s there in five minutes. This situation is no different, he realizes, when he sees the car that he and Lelouch drive pull into a parking spot head first – and Suzaku can tell that he’s angry.

Apparently the elder can too, because there’s a hand on his shoulder squeezing gently to soothe him. It’s gone as soon as Lelouch slams the door shut and snaps his attention to the building, but it’s enough to make Suzaku untense and beam.

His beam is gone by the time that his harried lover stomps into the play place and huffs at him (limping, again, he notes, and that’ll probably be sore in the morning), “Why are you here?” And then, sizing his boss up and down. “With him, of all people?”

“Ah, well-“

“Am I so boring to come home to, Suzaku, that you had to go out with my brother instead?”

Perhaps Suzaku had underestimated just how angry Lelouch is.

“It’s not like that at all, Lelouch,” he starts, putting his hands in the air as a gesture of submission. “If you’d just calm down, then I could explain—“

“Explain what, Suzaku? Is this what you’ve been doing all night instead of coming home- going out with Schneizel?”


Oh, he’s insinuating that he would rather spend time with Schneizel than with Lelouch; which is actually quite true at the moment, because when he came home Lelouch was being taken against the door. The entire situation is actually a little ridiculous, and Suzaku can’t hold back a chuckle.

This only makes Lelouch angrier, but Suzaku’s laughter grows manic as he stumbles back a bit – this is all really, really ridiculous – catching both Schneizel and Lelouch off guard. His boss is, of course, the crutch to which he falls back against, and only warm hands on his arms anchor him to the reality of things.

june's lies | [ 06/?? ]

One, Lelouch thinks that he is cheating on him, when it’s really the other way around: Lelouch is cheating on him. Two, he thinks that it’s with Schneizel el Britannia – which would be true if Suzaku were the cheating type (and he isn’t, not with his self worth so far into the ground) – something that he could get fired for and looked down upon for by the Better Business Bureau. And, three, he’s yelling at him in a public place; it’s something that Lelouch doesn’t ever do unless he’s honestly upset.

(Something boils in his blood like a quiet mantra -- father killer, father killer, father killer -- but he’s able to silence it with the sole of his shoe.)

It’s only that that calms him down, making look straight at Lelouch with a sad smile.

Schneizel is the one who speaks through the thick tension: “That’s quite the accusation, little brother. I invited him to have some fun, seeing as he’s been doing such a good job with the workload at work. He looked stressed, like he needed something to downwind.” Don’t we all, is the passive aggressive comment he doesn’t make, instead smiling thinly at the stunned Lelouch.

For a moment, all Lelouch does is stare and look between Schneizel and Suzaku – who had been let go of so he could steady himself – slowly putting the pieces together. Because, sure, he knows that the two of them were once very close, and his brother does often take his employees out to relax every now and again, but—

“You couldn’t have texted me and told me that you’d be late?”

At that point, Suzaku cuts in with a sigh, “I did- at four. You didn’t get it?”

Lelouch’s attention snaps to his pocket as he lingers close to Suzaku, taking his phone out and quickly scrolling through the menu to reach his texts. Once there, he slides the pad of his finger down, clicks, and makes a noise in the back of his throat that sounds an awful lot like a noise of acknowledgment.

Wow, this is awkward.

To reflect that thought, Lelouch shifts his weight from one foot to the other and looks at the ground. Shit, he should apologize, shouldn’t he? He had no right stomping in here with the intention of blowing the place up with just how furious he’d been – a fury that had since vanished in his shame and guilt – but…

“I’m… sorry,” he admits, softly, as if the words didn’t want to come out of his mouth. He’s always been rather bad at apologizing when he needs to, because damn it he has more pride than that.

But, it’s Suzaku that he’s apologizing to, and Suzaku has always been the sole exception to that rule.

“I’m sorry,” he repeats, firmly.

Suzaku blinks, smiles, and forgives because that’s what lovers do.

It does not seem like he forgives, though, because soon after they are playing laser tag and Suzaku shows no mercy.


june's lies | [ 07/?? ]

“Has it gotten any better?”


“Your relationship with Lelouch – is it better now?” Schneizel elaborates, standing near Suzaku’s desk and fluttering about it while watching Suzaku work. “Things seemed tense last month.”

Chuckling nervously, Suzaku clicks over to Outlook and opens a blank email up. “Well- you could say that, I guess,” are his vague words, not really wanting to lie to his boss. Not that, of course, it would be a lie.

Things have actually been going pretty well. Lelouch still has his days when he limps in – though they are much fewer now that he actually checks his texts more frequently – but there haven’t been any days where he comes home to find Lelouch being fucked by someone else.

(… that makes his stomach tighten far more painfully than it did last time.)

He does not bring it up with Lelouch. As long as Lelouch is with him – then it doesn’t matter. (He’s probably not enough to satisfy Lelouch, anyway.)

But, Suzaku has had his own days, especially when he’s at the office alone with Schneizel. The workload has lightened considerably in the last month, so those late nights are rare and few – but they still exist, and he still looks at his boss and thinks about the what ifs of their friendship.

This is one of those days.

The temptation is certainly there when he turns his head and looks at the other male, his smile genial. It’s almost as if he’s trying to tell Suzaku something, but he isn’t so sure he wants to know what it is. After all, it could be anything – given who Schneizel is, wild guesses are not appreciated, thoughts of an illicit affair much less appreciated. He has a loving boyfriend at home when he gets home from work and his needs are more than fulfilled by him.

A hand brushes against the side of his face and makes him sigh – the sensation is pleasant, and he’s a sucker for affection.

“I see.” And then that hand makes a pass through his hair, skritching until it has Suzaku squirming in his seat. “Alright. I’ll leave it be, then. However, if there’s ever any trouble, please promise that you will tell me.”

“Mm, promise.”

“Promise what?”

“That- I’ll tell you if there’s trouble.”

“Thank you.”


Re: june's lies | [ 07/?? ]

Tense, and beautiful, and gut-wrenching all at once. I think Suzaku is the type to reciprocate feelings whenever they are presented to him, mainly because he feels it's something so rare and undeserved. I can see why he's getting mildly distracted by his boss, despite himself. And the "I love you" text mid-coitus from Lelouch is a nice little peek into his thought-process. Eagerly awaiting more, w!a~

Re: june's lies | [ 07/?? ]

What an interesting triangle. I'm curious what are Lelouch's reasons, because so far he comes off quite unlikeable.

Suzaku is very sweet and vunerable here - more like his R1 self - and it makes the situation even more painful.

and I adore your Schneizel ♥

Re: june's lies | [ 07/?? ]

I...I swear you're this meme subconsciously trying to make me ship SchneizelxSuzaku too...
Suzakuuuuu omg my heart cries for your idiotic sweetness. Thank you for the fill~~

Re: june's lies | [ 07/?? ]

*swear that this meme..
Dang I didn't recheck what the autocorrect 'correct'ed

june's lies | [ 08/?? ]

It’s weird.

Another month later, Suzaku finds himself staring out a window with his hand over the house phone, listening to Arthur purr as he lays like the lazy, fat cat that he is on the windowsill, enjoying the sunlight from outside. It really is rather nice outside- maybe he'll go for a long walk around town today. He really needs it.

("Ah, Lelouch never told me that he was living with someone. I always assumed that he lived alone; after all, we're together there often enough.")

Ugh, he feels a headache coming on and presses his fingertips against his temple. Should he go out now? Lelouch is in the shower, so it would be best to leave before he got out; he'll want to do something together, though. Suzaku hates being at war with himself -- things had been going so well, so why is everything coming back to bite him on the ass now -- but there isn't much that will make this sinking feeling go away.

He needs a fucking break- from this apartment, from life in general, and just everything that has stressed him out recently. Maybe he should call Schneizel and ask him to take a walk with him; or, maybe Euphy is free. Someone has to be free right this minute. It's not like he doesn't have any friends, after all.

There are Kallen and Gino, Euphemia, Schneizel, C.C., and Anya -- hell, there's even Kanon Maldini and Cecile. He hasn't gone out with them in a while, so- maybe. Just, maybe. He outta do that real soon; he misses them. "Geez... I need to get a grip," Suzaku tells himself, letting the house phone go over the machine and sitting up. It's time for that walk --


-- and there Lelouch is, looking like he just took a nice, relaxing shower with the way his skin is pinked. It's probably still tender and sensitive too, but Suzaku isn't really in a mood to touch his boyfriend right now. It feels- selfish, yes, but he has a feeling he'll just end up falling apart in front of Lelouch. So, it's best to keep his distance for a few more seconds so that he can gather his wits.

A few seconds pass of him just staring at the wall next to Lelouch's pretty head before he plasters a big, forced smile on his face and looks at Lelouch in all of his shirtless, towel dry glory.

"Ah- you're done now?" He asks, looking between Lelouch and a now alert Arthur. "Did something happen?"

"I was going to ask the same thing," Lelouch says as he slides over to him, taking his towel from his shoulders and throwing it over Suzaku's own and tugging his boyfriend close. "You seem tense."

june's lies | [ 09/?? ] oh whoops i replied to the wrong one-- oh well 8(

Oh, Lelouch has no idea how stressed Suzaku really is, but it's not like he can just load that down onto Lelouch's shoulders.

His smile thins to something more genuine and he shrugs a bit. "Nah. I was just thinking about going in to work tomorrow. I have a fwe things to catch up on seeing as Schneizel is going on vacation soon," is his elaborate, well thought out lie. He does have a master key, so he could get into the building if he wants to and get everything done before Schneizel gets on his plane. Suzaku needs to check his flight number too and tell him it, but he can do that from home.

Lelouch knows this well and furrows his eyesbrows before saying, "We can go together. It's been a while since I've been there."

'A while' being that it has been two years since he has actually walked into the building. Lelouch still prefers to stay as far away as humanly possible from his older brother, and they are on neutral terms at best.

"Ah... that's right," Suzaku acknowledges, shifting uncomfortably and looking up at the ceiling. "I've moved offices since then; I'm upstairs with Euphy, Kanon, and Monica now. Plus, he's hired Bismarck and Luciano since you've last been there. Luciano is downstairs and Bismarck is upstairs with me and the others."

"Is that so," Lelouch deadpans before leaning over and nudging Suzaku's jaw with his nose. "I look forward to meeting them one day, then."

Yeah, I'm sure you do, some venomous part of Suzaku sneers.

Instead of voicing that, Suzaku laughs and turns his head down to press his lips to the tip of Lelouch's nose. He's quick to use Lelouch's momentary surprise to his advantage, venturing out of the cage of Lelouch's hands to walk around him and to the door frame.

"Luciano is... aggressive, but he's alright," which is really just him trying to reassure himself. He still swears up and down that he had seen those knives in his office. "Bismarck is really serious, and he's a hard worker."

Slowly, the other male turns around, a million different types of confused as he watches his boyfriend go on and on about his coworkers with that sweet smile on his face. He can tell that there's something wrong, but he can't quite pinpoint what it is. And, he supposes that that's the problem: Suzaku hasn't been opening up to him since the mishap at the play area downtown.

june's lies | [ 10/?? ]

He decides to cut in around the time that Suzaku starts talking about Euphemia's latest achievements, "Suzaku, I love you."

That gets his brown-haired other pausing with his hands in front of him, and he sees that Suzaku isn't conflicted about his answer. "I love you, too."

It's a statement that does wonders to Lelouch's stomach, making the butterflies erupt and the giddiness set in. Six years later, and he still adores Suzaku this much -- it's a lovely thing, and he can't help but sweep forward and catch Suzaku in a kiss.

No matter what he does to further his own goals, he knows that Suzaku will always be here to wrap his arms around him and hold him close. This is just how Suzaku is: warm and restrained, continually giving him everything. He just wants a little bit more, and --

"Someone called for you today."

-- shit. "Who was it?"

An indifferent shrug and then Suzaku's back is shown to him. (Don'tleavemedon'tgo--) "I don't know. Didn't quite catch his name before Arthur hung up on him," he admits before starting to walk away, arms raising in a stretch. "You can ask Arthur though. I think he knows."

Panic setting in has the Britannian moving forward and following him, hands reaching out and grabbing onto Suzaku's shirt.

"Suzaku- what did he want?"

Suzaku pauses and turns around, Lelouch's arms moving to wrap around him and hands clinging to his shirt like a drowning man. He knows that Lelouch is afraid of something -- whether it be separation or loneliness -- and he knows that he really shouldn't be doing this. Honesty has always been key in their relationship, but Lelouch- Lelouch already betrayed that.

Two wrongs do not make a right, though.

"Ah- not sure about that, either. His number should still be on the caller ID if you want it?" He offers as he reaches up to comb his fingers through Lelouch's still-wet hair.

Re: june's lies | [ 10/?? ]

lovely update, w!a, I'm liking the tense atmosphere, affection mixed with lies. very much like in R1, except in different context.

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