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Also because The Another Code  Geass Kink Meme part I is filling, and anons everywhere are worried. So this is why I bring you, 
First Thread.

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like a bird | [ 01/?? ]

i am a horrible person who's horrible and couldn't resist it 8|

"You love me- don't you, Sir Kururugi?"

(He remembers, in vivid detail, that that was how it all started.)

A knight stands in the middle of his King's room, eyes wide and mouth hanging open as he does his best impression of a goldfish even as he's bent at the waist in a bow, head raised and watching as his King dances by himself in the middle of his room before stopping to crane his neck to look at him. He flushes then, quickly turning his attention back to the ground and clenching his fist as his mind frantically searches for an answer to the other man's question- or, at least, an answer other than the truth (yes) that would end in him losing his knighthood or the lie (</i>no</i>) that would insult his lord and get him out of the situation- and still end in his knighthood, or worse: his friendly acquaintance with him (not yet daring enough to call it a close friendship).

He thinks and thinks and thinks until he's brought out of his reverie by cold fingers on the back of his neck, making his back straighten in defense and his mouth clamp shut with an audible click of his teeth. If it hurt at all he shows no sign of it on his face, instead staring at the man before him, absolutely taken by his violet eyes, sharp jaw, and smirking lips-

-- wait, smirking? Suzaku blinks stupidly for a moment or two, before the flush returns to his face and he asks, "I apologize for my rudeness, but- are you, by chance, making fun of me- Your Majesty?"

His Lord, having moved from the middle of the room to where his faithful knight stood by the door, gives something of a smile at that, the smirk gone. "Pardoned. No, my knight, I would never do such a thing," he answers as he raises a hand and presses it against the black fabric over Suzaku's shoulder before he continues, "You came to me in your- well, part of your uniform? Do you sleep in those?"


Green eyes survey himself quickly -- crumpled black shirt with golden embroidery, even more crumpled-looking white pants, black boots, and a pair of gloves barely on because he happened to be in a rush to get out (as a certain demanding King ordered him to be in his chambers in less than five minutes) -- and look back up just in time to see that their violet counterparts have gotten closer.

Was his King plotting something, or was his mind still half-asleep even after the rush to get to his Majesty?

He jerks back a bit at the sudden close proximity, not sure if his self control could take the temptation of having the other body that close to it. He could practically feel the body heat rolling off of the dark-haired male's through the other's thin white dress shirt, the top two buttons undone, the (pale, his King is so pale) skin that is showing doing wonders for his veiled imagination. If Suzaku ever manages to escape this room, he is sure a bath is imminently in order so that he'll be able to relieve himself.

Being a knight so deeply in love with his Lord is doing him no good at all.

like a bird | [ 02/?? ]

"Sir Kururugi... do you see something you like, or are you to be tried for insubordination?"

It's then that Suzaku realizes that he had been staring at that patch of skin instead of answering the other man's question(s).

He's quick to try and dip into a bow again, muttering at least three rapid apologies before he sees a hand raise to pardon him. "Do not bow. We are the only ones in here," the other says as he lowers that hand; Suzaku assumes he'll lower it to his side, but he knows that he assumes wrong when that hand catches his chin and raises it for itself (long fingers, soft skin).

"Now," he continues yet again, "answer my question: do you sleep in these-," Suzaku feels the other hand sweep quickly across his chest, "- Sir Kururugi? And do not lie, or I will revoke your knighthood."

Suzaku doesn't take time to think about it as he answers, "No. I was in a hurry so I put these on."

"Oh? Am I to assume that you sleep while indecent, then?"

Why is Lelou-- his ruler asking him all of this anyway? Why is this so important to know? Regardless, he manages to stutter out a, "Y-yes, Your Majesty."

"How," and Suzaku chooses not to notice how his King's eyes darken and how he pauses so the hand on Suzaku's chest starts rubbing in smooth circles, "indecent, my knight?"

This is the greatest knight's king: the eleventh Prince and King-for-nine-years Lelouch vi Britannia, cunning and sly, but genuine in his neverending curiosity. This is the man that Suzaku has wanted to protect since he was a small child, the man he looks to and admires for his inner strength and beauty. He is a paradox of men, of course, and Suzaku wouldn't have it any other way; whether he is three years his junior or three years his senior (which he is), as long as his personality stays, then why should Suzaku mind?

He doesn't mind it either when Lelouch's eyes shine the way they do.

"I sleep bare, my King."

... he does, however, mind when Lelouch shudders visibly in front of him and pulls away. (It's more the pulling away than the shuddering, because now he's shivering from the loss of close heat.)

Lelouch takes a moment to compose himself and eventually he nods. "I see. Sir Kururugi... no, Suzaku- didn't I tell you multiple times before that you were to drop the formalities while we are alone?"

like a bird | [ 03/?? ]

"It's... not professional-"

"It's an order from your King."

Suzaku's eyes drop to the floor in acknowledgment before saying, "In that case... yes, your- Lelouch. Yes, Lelouch."

The smile that forms on Lelouch's face is worth it at that point, so Suzaku visibly lets the tension run out of his back and sink into the floor beneath his feet. An inane thought forms in his head -- that he would like to sink into the floor, too -- but he brushes it off like he does so many other thoughts.

He watches the other turn away from him and walk back to the middle of the room, taking a moment to glance over his shoulder at him as if beckoning him to come as well, before proceeding towards his bed and sitting on the edge of the end of it. It takes Suzaku a moment to follow, but he does it wordlessly and stops when he's directly in front of Lelouch; he kneels down in between Lelouch's legs when he parts them for him slowly, his knee popping in response to being bent.

There's a small interval of time where there is nothing but silence between them; it's not the uncomfortable sort of silence. Just one wrought by two individuals who have so much to say, but cannot say a word.

In this case, it's Suzaku, who can't tell Lelouch that his eyes are beautiful, that he's beautiful, and that he's so very in love with him. His King has a Queen -- and she's such a wonderful, proper, perfect woman with long hair and bright eyes -- and he must keep his eyes on her- not his knight, who has no noble lineage and nothing to offer him.

Besides, he doubts Lelouch looks at him like that. (Even with Lelouch's beautiful eyes on him, always warm and fond when they're alone like this.)

Though when Lelouch's hands move again and cup his cheeks, thumbs tenderly rubbing his thumbs in familiar circles, Suzaku doubts he judged his King's feelings well enough. Friends do not touch each other the way they do, and they are not children anymore-

"Is something bothering you, Suzaku?" Lelouch asks, tugging gently on his knight's cheeks to indicate that he wants him to be closer.

Suzaku goes obediently, leaning up and into Lelouch's face as their foreheads bump against each other gently. It is an affectionate gesture, one they've both thrown back and forth many times -- sometimes Suzaku initiating it, and most of the time it's Lelouch -- but it never fails to make Suzaku suck in a breath and both of them close their eyes to enjoy the passing moment.

like a bird | [ 04/?? ]

After two beats of Suzaku's fluttering heart, the younger lets out the breath he took in and smiles shyly as he shakes his head. "No. I was just thinking... it wasn't important."

"Is that so."

It's not a question; Suzaku knows that much at least, because Lelouch is stroking his face after that. The gesture is appreciated, and it predictably calms his nerves and warms him.

Lelouch continues, "Do you remember when we first met?"

"Yes, of course I do... it was the day you knighted me, actually," Suzaku says carefully, not wanting his King to be angered or insulted by anything he says. They don't usually talk about the past when they sneak around like this. However, he opens his eyes and gives something of a grunt when he sees Lelouch's face is showing all of his amusement and goes on, "I... was rude that day. To you. I apologize."

The other pulls away and nearly falls back on the bed when he laughs something mighty and full of glee.

"You're three years too- ha, late for that, my knight!" Suzaku barely resists the urge to wince, but forces himself to steel his reactions. "I've already forgiven you for your past impudence- but, I thank you for the apology, no matter how late it has become. You are a wonderful man, and a loyal knight; I feel safe around you."

Suzaku grows warmer with each compliment, and allows the flattery to sink in as he accepts it with a nod. He feels Lelouch's hands tug his head gently, and he's already being forced to lay his head on his King's right thigh, his arms coming up to hang over the limb. It's something familiar, something they have done more than three times (something they do every time Lelouch calls Suzaku out to his chambers), and he finds that every time is more magical than the next.

Especially when Lelouch's hands retract from his face so that he can gently nuzzle into the clothing over his thigh and get comfortable between his legs. Suzaku closes his eyes happily, content as he lets himself enjoy the moment; it's when one of Lelouch's hands start petting his head that he forces his eyes back open and tentatively leans into the touch.

He's well aware that he shouldn't be doing this. The queen is just two rooms over, and Suzaku imagines that she can be as merciless as Sir Waldstein when it comes to protecting her husband. Even though Shirley has never been a bombshell and has never reproached her husband for the things that he does at times, or for brushing her off in favor of a conversation with him -- Suzaku is forever guilty about that -- he thinks that, perhaps, if it came down to then nitty gritty of things, Shirley would react instead of sitting and thinking about what to do.

"You still haven't answered my question, however," Lelouch starts again, lips smiling but eyes reflecting their displeasure.

like a bird | [ 05/?? ]

The knight blinks hazily at that, realizing that the hand stroking his head has stopped and is gripping the back of his shoulder, squeezing the thin clothing there to silence the small whine that Suzaku gives. "I... apologize, but I'm afraid I don't..."

Trailing off, he's all too happy when Lelouch makes an 'ah' of acknowledgement, his heart picking up speed when Lelouch leans over and presses their foreheads together.

"Then I'll ask again: do you love me, Suzaku?"

Knowing that he's treading on very, very delicate ground, Suzaku swallows down the lump in his throat and looks at Lelouch steadily, ready to gently let his King down with a white lie. He's perfectly ready to accept any punishment that he gets for doing this -- for denying the King of kings -- but before he can get the words out, his face is grabbed and his lips are claimed by an insistent man who seems to know exactly what he's doing and what he wants.

Seems, of course, being a very loose term because there's something wet pressing against and in between his lips, trying to push in and- and eventually suceeding when Suzaku closes his eyes and tries to not think that the person doing this is Lelouch, and that it's Lelouch's tongue brushing into his mouth and against his own.

He gives a gutteral groan, not knowing what hits him until he's being tugged onto the bed while Lelouch scoots up and drags him up with him.

Forward enough for the both of them, a mouth surrounds one of Suzaku's fingers, teeth gingerly nipping down the leather of his glove as it sharply tugs the piece of clothing from his fingers. The motions are repeated with the second glove, and then that King starts playing grabby hands with his shirt and nearly rips it in the process of getting it off of his knight. He relishes in the quick frown that's thrown his way, rocking on to his knees so that he can kiss that frown to the darkest depths of Suzaku's mind.

"Enough. If I have to order you to make love to me, Sir Kururugi, then I will."

The tongue that had just been in his mouth not even two minutes ago dips back between his lips and nngh the things that Suzaku would do to just lay here and kiss Lelouch, feeling cold hands run over and down his back. It's when those same hands travel under the waist band of his pants with the intent to overwhelm that his own hands finally move, hurriedly plucking at the buttons of Lelouch's shirt and pushing him down onto the bed to separate them.

Chest only slightly heaving, Lelouch watches him through lidded eyes as he starts warring with himself again.

Because, honestly, Shirley is just a few rooms away, so it doesn't have to be him who does this. And, Lelouch can do this with anyone that he wants to instead of a lowly knight who has absolutely nothing to offer him beyond his loyalty and obedience.

"You're married," he finally says, hands moving from Lelouch's chest to the pillows so that he can curl his fingers in them briefly. When Lelouch just smiles, he continues, "And your wife is just a short walk away, Your Majesty."

Legs hook over his hips and arms wrap around his shoulders, drawing him close for another kiss and a slow grind upwards, making him let out a breath against Lelouch's lips. Ah. Suzaku sees Lelouch look at him, and he really has no other choice at the moment to give in or lose something.

It's just one night, after all; what's the worst thing that could happen?

like a bird | [ 06/?? ]

As it turns out, it's not 'just one night', and that the 'worst thing that could happen' can be that he would get tugged around to random locations at random times of the day by Lelouch for the sole purpose of having sex. Lelouch is like an insatiable animal in heat who wants nothing more than to suck out his life force via wrapping his limbs around him and squeezing.

That, or Lelouch is one of those demons that he's heard whispers about. Suzaku seriously hopes that this isn't the case. Surely his king is no such thing.

(And even if he were, the chances of Suzaku taking action against him are zero.)

But, even he finds it a little hard to believe otherwise; especially right now, while Lelouch is smirking at him over the table during dinner. They've just had a major victory and this feast had been to celebrate that- not to celebrate Lelouch's carnivorous need. As a matter of fact, his wife is nearby, smiling and giving her congratulations to everyone around the table.

When her words fall on top of him, he can do nothing more than look at his place. His stomach is empty -- and not even five minutes ago, he had been hungry -- but he doesn't want to eat, appetite lost. Suzaku can't bring himself to look at her.

"Sir Kururugi? Sir Kururugi, are you alright?"

Before Suzaku can answer, Lelouch speaks up, all mocking tones and razor sharp smiles, "Of course he's alright. He's unscathed and well, Shirley; don't ask questions that you already know the answer to."

Well, he can definitely battle that 'unscathed' description, because every time he shifts he can still feel the sting caused by Lelouch dragging his nails down his back last night. ("Fight for me, Suzaku. My honor is your honor.") He watches Shirley cringe when he chances a glance up, presumably from Lelouch's words, and looks back down at his plate.

"May I still answer?" He asks, meek in a moment more tense than any he's had before. This time, his head lifts and his eyes fall on Lelouch, who looks mildly interested.

"If you wish."

like a bird | [ 07/?? ]

And then, looking at Her Majesty, who just nods at him and attempts to keep her wandering gaze away from her husband.

Suzaku takes pity on her and smiles a bit -- reassuring and disarming -- before saying, "I'll be alright. Her Majesty has nothing to worry about." He lies to lessen the blow that his King gave, to take some weight off of her shoulders; because while he is undoubtedly Lelouch's Champion, he would becomes hers as well at the drop of the hat if she so pleased.

Her bright, relieved smile only makes his gut plummet.

Later that night, Suzaku takes his King twice -- once at his request, and twice to make up for what happened at the table with his Queen -- before his limbs give out and he has to lean over Lelouch to catch his breath. This endeavor takes all of thirty seconds before he presses his hands to the pillow on either side of the other male, staring at him through the haze.

Lelouch is still trying to catch his breath, very much the spitting image of a man having come up for air after having almost drowned, eyes closed as he tries to relax. It makes Suzaku feel bad again, but he remembers quickly why he reduced Lelouch to this: a vulnerable man underneath one not so vulnerable.

It seems that Lelouch knows too, because as soon as he calms down his eyes open to reveal something gleaming and amused.

"Was that my punishment, Sir Kururugi?" He questions, almost making Suzaku flinch from the use of the title.

"I apologize, Your Majesty," he begins without thinking, "but I'm not sorry for this." He ends without thinking too, face flushing in mortification.

Lelouch's laugh sounds through the room, rich and merry, as he moves his hands from the pillows to reach up and bonelessly drape them over Suzaku's shoulders. His chin tips up and he presses a wet kiss to Suzaku's jaw, adding the press of teeth when his knight shudders.

"You have absolutely nothing to apologize for. I enjoyed it, you enjoyed it- that's all that matters in the end. Why should the means used to accomplish this pleasure be something to apologize for?"

Suzaku takes one hand away from the pillow when Lelouch rests back against it again, sliding his fingertips over his chest and making an immediate left to skim down his side. When the other squirms slightly under his touch, he makes a mental note to use this tactic to dissuade any further attempts to seduce him in the future. Right now, however, he moves his fingertips down, down, down, and presses them against the blossoming bruise on Lelouch's hip.

That's where his guilt starts back up again and he slides his body down Lelouch's to shower his body in dry, but gentle kisses until he reaches his hipbone and just lays his head on Lelouch's stomach. His arms wrap around the thin (so, so thin) body under him, his face nuzzling into smooth skin.

like a bird | [ 08/?? ]

A hand comes over his head, fingers curling in his hair and petting in a soothing, familiar, and -- moreover -- innocent motion, making him close his eyes.

"I hurt you," he says like it's a confession, voice forced and slightly cracking.

He doesn't see his King's violet eyes narrow and soften, but he does feel when those fingers leave his hair and tug up on the curls at the base of his neck. It's a silent order to move back up, Suzaku knows, so he follows it and places his hands on the bedding under Lelouch, pushing himself up and crawling back over Lelouch.

Who, as he's too late to assume, quickly takes advantage of the move and tugs Suzaku down by his neck to press his smile against Suzaku's surprised frown.

"Would it make you feel any better to hear that I wanted you to?"

"Absolutely not, Your Majesty."

"... I didn't think so."

There's silence then, and Lelouch eventually lets Suzaku lay down next to him. But, he moves quickly and wraps his legs around one of Suzaku's, and presses fully against his front so that he won't leave right away. It's always too quiet when they finish and Suzaku walks out the door.

(And every time he leaves, Lelouch feels like Suzaku is growing more and more distant with him.)

It's not just that; Suzaku lies to him more often, too. If there's one thing that Suzaku is ever honest about, it's this relationship that Lelouch doesn't want to stop. It's been... enjoyable, certainly more than he thought it would be in the beginning.

He doesn't want to lose this, but he still hasn't been given a confirmation of how Suzaku feels. He has asked his knight quite a few times now, too.

"You're a firm believer of 'actions speak louder than words', are you not Suzaku?" Lelouch speaks, shifting to bury his face in Suzaku's neck. Mm. When he feels the other just nod, he moves his hand from his tan chest and smooths it over his side to his back, rubbing heated circles into the skin. "Then is it safe to assume that you do, indeed, love me?'

Suzaku's body tenses and untenses in the span of three seconds, his shoulders seizing and unseizing, his hands fisting and then splaying out against Lelouch's hip. He's always hated this question every time- and this topic, really; he doesn't want to have to reveal himself so openly to the King.

"I think that's apparent, Lelouch."

like a bird | [ 09/?? ]

He knows that it pleases the other male because he feels a smile against his neck. He expects when those lips start leisurely sucking a bruise into the skin they find there, but what he doesn't expect is when they're done, they brush up against his ear and whisper, "I want to hear it, Suzaku. One day, allow me that pleasure."

Suzaku knows that he can't do such a thing. Lelouch is married and happy with the arrangement, and the knight has no right to intrude upon it.

That is why he lifts himself off the bed and gets up, planting his feet firmly on the floor. His eyes scan the floor for his clothes -- thrown haphazardly around the room because His Majesty would not allow him to fold them and place them at the end of the bed -- before he locates his undergarments and pants, slowly making his way towards them. He knows that Lelouch's eyes are on him when he bends over, and- and it makes him self-conscious, so he hurries with the task of gathering his clothing in his arms, very quickly fumbling with them to put them on.

The cotton slides on easy, the fabric of his pants moreso, and when he locates his shirt Suzaku realizes that Lelouch has taken to sitting up on the bed, curiously watching him now instead of leering. He doesn't quite understand, but he lets it go in favor of grabbing his shirt off of Lelouch's dresser and sliding it over his head and arms before looking around for --

-- his gloves, which are on the bed. On the upside, Suzaku doesn't have to walk very far. On the downside, they're near Lelouch. He knows he'll never gain anything in this world by being a coward, so he briskly strides to the bed and grabs them off of it, keenly aware of how Lelouch shifts and reaches out to him.

He has no choice other than to lean in to the touch of fingertips on his jaw, closing his eyes as they feel around his face and brush under his eyes. A lock of hair is tucked behind his ear, and the fingers pull away. One of his eyebrows arch as he opens his eyes, gaze questioning but mouth afraid to open.

Lelouch obliges him by telling him that he likes touching him. It's enough to make Suzaku blink owlishly and pull away, starting for the door in a daze.

He snaps out of it by the time he reaches it and his boots, pausing and thinking about dinner. He can't recall what the food tasted like, only remembering Her Majesty's bright, beautiful smile, and the concerned pull of her brows. And so, Suzaku quickly steps into them, and then looks at Lelouch over his shoulder.

"Your Majesty... we should stop this," he says, carefully, not wanting to severely hurt Lelouch. His Majesty has easily wormed his way out of 'stopping this' with his hot kisses and feverish touches, but with them now across the room from each other and Suzaku quickly opening the door, he thinks that -- maybe -- Lelouch won't be able to find a way around it.

Except, of course, that he does and the words make Suzaku's heart thud under his rib cage: "I don't want to stop this, Suzaku."

like a bird | [ 10/?? ]

Every single solitary time he sees Shirley after that, Suzaku apologizes to her.

She doesn't ever understand why he always apologizes; in her eyes, he has done no wrong to her, and never could do any wrong. But, Suzaku is more than bitter four months into his sexual relationship with Lelouch, and he's constantly irritated at him for something.

In exchange for apologizing, Shirley asks him how he is whenever he says sorry.

Like now, when he is escorting her to see Gino Weinberg, and she's in a pretty and simple white dress. Suzaku likes her for her simplicity and kindness, so he naturally compliments her and receives an all too humble reply from a blushing face. She tells him that he's looking as dashing as always, and he says thank you. His apology had been taken care of the minute she walked out of the room so as to momentarily overwhelm, but she had taken it in stride.

It doesn't take them long to reach Sir Weinberg, who greets them with his customary smile and tries to hang on Suzaku's shoulders. The minute he gets too close, he hears a cough from nearby; they look and see His Majesty there with Sir Waldstein and a raised brow, disappointment flying in different directions of the space between them.

Shirley takes this as her chance to ask -- and hide behind Suzaku. Lately, Lelouch has gotten vicious; not just with how he treats politics, but also in the way he talks to people.

"Do you... know what's wrong with Lelouch, Sir Kururugi?"

This snaps Suzaku out of the momentary glare he had directed Lelouch's way, his gaze softening as he turns it to her and shakes his head. "I'm not sure. May I have your hand?"

Her hand slips into his with ease, and he carefully leads her away from King McGrump and Sir Single Expression with Sir Smiles-Too-Much trailing behind them like a lost puppy.

Suzaku doesn't want her to be alone with Sir Weinberg just yet, unsure whether or not Lelouch would follow them and terrorize them just because of his bad mood. He supposes that it's mostly his fault for denying His Majesty the last two weeks, but what else could he do? He'll be punished for his impudence, yes, but Lelouch will be a faithful husband and Shirley won't be gravely hurt.

"What makes you think there's something wrong with His Majesty?" Gino pipes up, effortlessly sliding into his slot next to Queen Shirley, eyes turned on her.

She just shakes her head and looks at the ground, presumably under how to answer him. "He's a lot colder than he was before. He won't even talk to me..."

Suzaku tunes out at that point and lets her hand go.

like a bird | [ 11/?? ]


The walk to His Majesty's study is something that settles uncomfortably in his stomach, but there's nothing he can do that won't upset Lelouch. He's gone too far by being cruel to Her Majesty, and if his knighthood is on the line --

-- so be it. (Even though serving Lelouch is so important to him, so wonderful even when they weren't secretly fucking each other brainless.)

"Your Majesty," he says, firmly, as he knocks on the thick door in his way, impatient but anxious.

Lelouch seems to notice this, because soon he hears a flat 'Come in' -- and if that isn't permission, then Suzaku doesn't know what is.

The door opens without difficulty, and closes just as easily so. He only has half of ten seconds to wonder if that's a window of opportunity before his eyes land on Lelouch and- and realizes that he's starting to strip. Why even- "Your Majesty--"

Lelouch is already panting by the time he discards his pants, angrily glaring his favorite knight down from behind his desk.

"Suzaku Kururugi," he pauses only to note that Suzaku straightens up at that (his favorite and best knight, his beloved knight, his lover), "Lelouch vi Britannia orders you to come over here right now and fuck me against this desk. If you do, I'll listen to what you have to say."

Suzaku takes one look at Lelouch's panting chest and flushed cock, and walks across the room and around that desk to do just as he had been ordered to do.

Lelouch's body is deliciously naked and his hands are eager as they tug at the clothes over his back, body arching into his impatiently when he chances a pass over his back. He can feel the heat from the other male's skin through his gloves and has to bite back a quiet groan; he's missed this, undoubtedly.

His arms move when slender fingers push his white shirt down them, and they move again when Lelouch pushes his black shirt to follow off. The onslaught of sensation brought by the new contact makes him sigh, pale lips taking quick advantage of his open mouth by pressing up against them desperately.

The kisses comes in vicious waves and Suzaku can't help but return them each time they come, pushing his body forward to press Lelouch's body between his and the desk.

One of his hands comes up behind Lelouch, gently pressing on the back of the other male's neck while the other hand brushes over his derriere. Lelouch hums his pleasure against Suzaku's lips, his own hands smoothing over Suzaku's shoulders to feel his skin under his again after having been deprived of it recently because of Suzaku's chivalry.

like a bird | [ 12/?? ]

"I've missed you," he whispers against Suzaku's mouth, tilting his head when he feels the hand on the back of his neck maneuver him like so. His body shudders once as Suzaku's clothes groin brushes over his own bare groin, and he drags his hands along tan skin. "I don't think I can wait for much longer."

The knight does not make his king wait; he lets Lelouch unbutton his pants and steps back to wiggle out of and step out of them before returning to his spot in front of the other, seizing forward and kissing him once, twice, and then again when he feels Lelouch's hands under his undergarments and against his bottom.

"Alright," he breathes, finally, and works his way out of the last piece of clothing keeping him away from Lelouch's skin.

After getting out of them, Lelouch's hands grab his ass cheeks and squeeze -- nngh -- making him reach out and pressing dry fingertips in between Lelouch's own cheeks to find that-

"Oh god..."

Lelouch's chuckle is breathy against his lips. "I thought about how nice it would be," a pause so that he can slide his hands over Suzaku's hipbone and to his hardening cock, "if you took me against the desk here." One hand works slowly over Suzaku, the other hand tenderly fondly his balls.

Shivers scuttle over his spine and he bites his bottom lip, letting Lelouch do as he pleases while he gentle circles Lelouch's entrance with dry fingertips. Suzaku can't really believe that Lelouch would spend time actually pleasuring himself there, but with how shameless he is a lot of the time -- perhaps that's what happens.

A squeeze over his cock has him moaning lowly and retracting his hands so that he can pat Lelouch's wrists saying, "Alright, alright- turn over, Lelouch."

He makes sure to remember what His Majesty had told him when they began their sexual escapades while Lelouch eloquently moans his okay and shows his back to Suzaku, wiggling his butt a bit as a show.

With Lelouch's back to his front, Suzaku examines flawless skin and a quivering body before taking himself in hand and giving himself a quick, rough pump to ground himself. (Don't just stick it in and fuck like before, he reminds him.) He wants to take it slow, because this will probably be the last time he ever does this with His Majesty.

And, just like he had told himself he would, he slowly guides himself and presses in a little at a time.

(First resistance, passed--)

Lelouch's body tenses briefly and Suzaku has to painstakingly stop and put his hands on Lelouch's hips. Gently, he rubs circles against the skin, working his way down to rubbing patterns near Lelouch's groin. He hears the other male groan quietly and press back against him, but he still does not move again.

like a bird | [ 13/?? ] i sat here for five mins laughing at my own typos truefax

He leans over then and licks a swath up a curved spine, trying to make Lelouch relax more and give way so that the more reflexive resistance inside of him doesn't make entry too hard on either of them. Suzaku knows how Lelouch gets when he feels pain, and has to find a way to make his way around it this time.

"How are you feeling?" He asks, eyes hazy but attentive about Lelouch's pleasure. His hands move their circling to Lelouch's cock, giving Lelouch all of his attention (and love and adoration). "Are you alright?"

Lelouch is still his king; he can't deny orders, so he couldn't fight back this time. (Any order he will follow until the day he dies, even if he'll never be at Lelouch's side again.)

A hot puff is let out against the desk he bets, and violet eyes flick over a trembling shoulder. At first, Suzaku has a mini panic attack, but -- "I'm more than alright."

To demonstrate and drive that point home, Lelouch's hips roll back a bit and he looks back at the desk. He feels his knight respond to that with a shallow thrust and he has to get his bearings back to tell him to hurry.

"You didn't lock the door, Suzaku," he says with a smirk in his voice. Suzaku falters behind him and then picks up -- still slow, still gentle, still his sweet, sweet knight -- but he can't go easy on him. "Anyone can walk in."

Suzaku's mind flies to different possibilities -- Shirley's horrified face, Gino's shocked expression, and even Bismarck's appalled look -- and lets his hips drive home once, twice, roughly before he calms himself down. No, he's not going to let Lelouch control the pace this time.

He decides to voice that as he leans over Lelouch's back again and presses his mouth to the heated skin over his shoulder, closing his eyes and listening to Lelouch pant for a moment before he takes a chance and sucks a bruise into Lelouch's skin. "I know."

"Do you hate me for this?"

... for some reason, the fact that that question sounds meek and unsure sets off a fire in Suzaku's heart, and it's not because of the lust. "I could never--," and he has to move slower now to reflect that, "-- you know how I feel, Lelouch."

Lelouch is quiet after that, preferring to pant and moan when Suzaku presses against a particular spot, when Suzaku squeezes and fists him again -- he regrets nothing, and yet-

Suzaku pulls out and slides his hands over his hips, turning him over so that they face each other. Lelouch's eyes are wide and- wet, perhaps from the pain, perhaps from something else, but Suzaku feels exponentially guilty about it and it shows on his face when he presses in again from the angle.

Lelouch's arms are around him in an instant -- his sexually confident king who is as awkward as he is when it comes to expressing his emotions -- hanging on while he thrustthrustthrusts.

His lips start pressing anywhere they can reach until they skim over the shell of his ear whispering, "I don't hate you." And, Lelouch shudders against him, so maybe it's worth telling him the truth this time.

like a bird | [ 14/?? ]


"Arms up," Suzaku says as he holds Lelouch's jacket out to him, watching the other male raise his arms with a yawn. "Honestly, you should have told me that you were being overworked."

Two seconds later and Lelouch is snorting -- mind and actions delayed by being tired -- and raises his arms into the sleeves. This is always something that he enjoys but doesn't get to indulge in much, so he lets Suzaku finish dressing him as he sits on his desk sated and content.

"Would it have changed much? You seemed more enthralled with the idea of making my life hell while parading about with Shirley and Gino," the king says between another yawn and a stretch. His eyes follow the line of Suzaku's mouth and his body leans forward to catch those lips between his own, kissing lightly.

And then, he continues, "Well- what was it that you wanted to talk to me about?"

Stricken for a moment, Suzaku blinks and makes a small noise in the back of his throat that sounds suspiciously like a whine that he is trying to smother with all of his might. He hates that he wants to be kissed again, hates that he even wants again, but -- he doesn't resist leaning into Lelouch's kiss, tasting just plain heat before he pulls away.

"I... yeah," he finally says, straightening his shoulders. "I wanted to talk to you about... this."

A single dark brow raises as Lelouch lazily moves to take a seat in his comfortable chair, humming lowly, questioningly.

After a breathless moment of Suzaku just taking in Lelouch's relaxed, rather soft disposition, he speaks, "I love you, Your Majesty." He finally admits it all in one breath, smiling a bit to himself and knowing full well that his happiness won't last.

That is why when Lelouch's head turns to his and there is a beautific smile on his face, Suzaku finds that he can't really say anything more.

(He can't say that he wants this to end, that he doesn't want to have sex with Lelouch anymore, that Lelouch should produce a heir, and that he should remain faithful to his wife--)

"I know what makes you laugh, Sir Kururugi." What? "I know what makes you smile, what makes you angry-- I even know what makes you want to scream out, whether it be in pain or pleasure." Suzaku's face flushes a deep red at this, and Lelouch can't help but close his eyes. "But, it was when I learned what made you cry that I really started looking at you as a potential partner."

Ah, here it comes. Suzaku's eyes close too to brace for the impact -- that he's disappointed His Majesty by showing him weakness -- waiting and waiting for the proverbial sword to sweep across the air.

"I love you too, Suzaku."

like a bird | [ 15/?? ]

S i l e n c e. "Wh-what?" Eloquent and quick-witted, Suzaku sputters a bit and covers his face. "You- what?"

Opening his eyes, he raises an eyebrow and directs a look his knight's way, lips being pulled into a frown, "I thought it would be obvious by now. It's not as if I'd sleep with just anyone, you know."

Which... isn't a lie, if he's being honest with himself. Before Shirley, he had never considered sex as a viable, appropriate option as something to do -- whether it be to pass time, or to reciprocate feelings -- but after the second time with Shirley, he had met Suzaku and everything suddenly made sense to him. Lelouch is a selfish prude with a mind made for rational thought, and like a dam bursting open everything made sense.

It makes more sense whenever he sees Suzaku's painfully honest smiles, his clear cut devotion, and his ongoing loyalty to just Lelouch. Suzaku is the ideal soldier -- minus the nagging guilty conscience -- and he's quite the scholar in the ways of loving if his prowess in bed is anything to go by. Lelouch does quite like the power behind Suzaku's thrusts when he starts to get really into it, but he likes the tender caress of callouses across his cheek, too.

He even likes the flush of anger that's starting to crawl across Suzaku's skin.

Immediately he raises a hand, beckoning Suzaku to bend over a bit -- something that Suzaku does without question simply because he has no other choice to -- and Lelouch slides his fingers into the mess that is Suzaku's hair. His scalp is smooth and his hair is soft -- some locks a bit sweaty, but that's just from exerting himself fucking Lelouch on the desk just now (Lelouch feels a bit smug when he thinks of that) -- so his fingers soothe through it easy enough.

It calms Suzaku, at least, to a certain point as his body relaxes and his eyes close. He still has not gotten his answer about the obviousness of his love (as if all of the time he devotes to being with Suzaku is enough for the other male), but it's fine. He can wait just like he waited for Suzaku's confession.

... can't he?

"Things that are obvious to you aren't always obvious to the people around you," is what he hears, as if Suzaku is a mind reader. "If you haven't noticed, you have a marriage that puts a damper on that obviousness, too."

Yikes. It's true, so Lelouch does not try to refute it. Instead, he acts as any mature adult would: "I sleep with you, don't I?"

Suzaku actually has to pause. He isn't helping. "Technically..."


"Uh... no? You don't sleep with anyone, Your Majesty. But, in terms of... of copulating," Suzaku gulps passed the lump in his throat and tugs at the side of his collar a bit. "I'm not sure. You sleep with Her Majesty and I."

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