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Yet Another Code Geass Kink Meme (Part II)

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Also because The Another Code  Geass Kink Meme part I is filling, and anons everywhere are worried. So this is why I bring you, 
First Thread.

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tale of atonement | [ 01/?? ]

AHAHA I SWITCHED UP MY SUBJECT LINE got tired of 'xxx' real quick.

... horridly late and shit i know, but still ._. THANK YOU FOR BEING SO PATIENT WITH ME. at the end of the day, i’ll still be juggling this fic between two giftfics and ‘another day’ (with the giftfics taking priority) so if it takes forever to pump out, please be to getting on my ass about it anyway ;_; turns out it won’t be as chapter-y as i thought! just one. giant. longfic. which will come slowly, but i'll be working on this for the next nine hours, and it's in my musebox labeled as IN PROGRESS, so ;w; definitely working on it.

yikes qq note: if it doesn't make sense now? i promise it will later.

Suzaku doesn’t remember how he got where he is – not that he really cares about the how as much as the burning neon lights of the question why – and he thinks it had something to do with long green hair and a very bored voice saying that they needed help.

Damn himself for being so gullible- Prince Schneizel would have a field day with this, no doubt – no, no, correction: probably is having a field day with this. He’s a very pleasant person to talk to and be around most of the time, but the minute someone lets him down there’s hell to pay.

Suddenly, glaring across the table at Zero isn’t as bad as he originally thought, even if Zero is staring at him behind the mask and had him bound with rope. Suzaku thinks. He can’t really tell because, well, there’s a mask blocking his view. All he really wants to do is jump over the space of the table right now, knock the map to the floor, and wrap his arms around this man’s neck, but to be completely honest he’s saving him from seeing the gut churning look of disappointment on His Highness’s face.

For that, he won’t kill him. Not right away, anyway. Being tied up may or may not be playing a factor in this as well.

“Suzaku Kururugi,” he drawls, fingers playing with the long stem of a red flower (spider lily? Higanbana, then), before he gets up and chuckles. “I wonder what I should do with you. No matter whom gets near you and how much we restrain you, you still manage to break bones and split lips. Half of me wants to assign C.C. as your new caretaker,” there’s an almost sympathetic pause because he’s watching Suzaku visibly blanch at that, “and the other half of me tells me to just throw you out at sea. Perhaps even the one nearest your beloved country.”

The first option isn’t as bad as sending him back to Schneizel on a cargo ship, and the second one sounds like it would be for the best. He deserves it; but, before he can voice which one he wants, Zero is languidly walking over to him and pushing the higanbana over the top of his ear.

Simultaneously, there’s a knee pressing in between his legs and Suzaku is close to thinking that Zero wants to break him as he suddenly gets a painful lap full of bony vigilante. He's almost tempted to start praying for someone -- anyone, really -- to shoot him right then and there, but Zero seems to have other ideas as Suzaku feels fingers threading through his hair.

That... would probably feel a lot nicer than it does if someone he really didn't like weren't doing it. He would honestly like to do nothing more than fight his way off of this ship; nevermind that he wouldn't be able to make it alone on the sea. It sounds a lot better than sitting here and being almost-molested by someone he doesn't even like.

It does feel a little nice, though. He'll admit that, somewhere deep in the back of his mind where no explorer has ever dared to venture. He's always liked having his hair played with.

But, even so: stranger danger, on his lap.

"How long have you been here, Kururugi?" Zero asks him, sounding like he's more than sneering. Inanely, Suzaku wonders what he looks like under the mask, before he stops to actually think about that question.

tale of atonement | [ 02/?? ]

He's honestly not sure; it's a little hard to keep track of time when he only sees one person day in and day out. Apparently he voices it, because the other male is pulling away and off (thin, bony body, long limbs, fingers suited more for a ink and silk). The masked man walks back to the other side of the table, a finger reaching out to trace a path on the map as he hums deeply.

He remembers that motion from some time earlier, soon after he had been captured; it had been pressed into that very same map when Zero told him that he took the Chinese Federation from right under Britannia's nose, and that Tianzi is on this ship as well. Even more so -- if even a bit murky and muddled because he was half asleep -- Suzaku remembers violet eyes and a deep voice asking him why he serves a country that only wishes to condemn him.

Regrettably, he doesn't remember the answer he gave, or if that really happened. Suzaku has been kicking and snarling his way around the ship whenever someone would move him, or so much as look at him. They are threats and he has no choice but to fight for his life- whether it be for Britannia or for self preservation.

"Then allow me to enlighten you: you have been here for two weeks, and we have evaded the miliary three times since then. It looks like Prince Schneizel wants you back and, quite frankly, I don't blame him."

Because, while Zero may not like him, it doesn't mean that Suzaku has no worth. Schneizel could probably use him as a personal knight if he ever rises high enough in the ranks, and anyone that that man is attached to is always someone that Zero can use. After all, Schneizel has one of his precious people; it's only fair that he take one of Schneizel's, as well.

Suzaku does not tell him that Schneizel is only looking for him so that he can chew him out. He doesn't really have the chance, because that green-haired woman is walking into the cabin. She has a yellow... thing is her arms, and her eyes are sharp when they look at him.

"I can't say that I'm surprised you haven't killed him yet. Are you going soft, or is he that nice to look at, Lelo--"

"C.C.-- he has his uses," Zero says, cutting her off quickly while Suzaku files away 'Lelo' in a mental library. "It's none of your business whether or not he lives or dies."

Suzaku notices belatedly that Zero's left index finger is twitching and, somehow, imagines that his eyebrow must be twitching, too. It's just a speculation. Another speculation: Zero doesn't say anything about C.C.'s last two comments, so he expects her to drop the subject. The thing is, C.C. doesn't look like the kind of woman to back down from a fight that would amuse her for the next hour.

As it turns out, he's completely right; C.C.'s eyes gleam and she slinks over to Zero's side and places her free hand on his shoulder, and Suzaku immediately hates himself for noticing that his shoulder tenses like a plucked string.

"I suppose he does have his own boyish charm when he's not baring his teeth or sharpening his eyes," she remarks, looking like a cat preying upon a mouse. Or Suzaku's finger.

And Suzaku watches as they prattle on about various things, seemingly forgetting that he's there; he ends up only able to turn his head and take in the state of the cabin (clean, perhaps overly so), letting the other two fight until the cabin grows cold.



I had almost given up hope on this being filled!

tale of atonement | [ 03/?? ]


"You know, despite what you've told yourself," Zero begins after another two weeks (Suzaku thinks), with his chair behind Suzaku's as he's... doing something that Suzaku doesn't know about. Maybe he's sewing his cape; Suzaku doesn't care enough to turn his neck. "We found you on Kaminejima Island with a knife in your chest."

Suzaku doesn't know if he can believe that, so he doesn't; the last he remembers, it had been C.C. who trapped him, and C.C. who ended up bagging him and taking him on the ship. He doesn't remember any knife in his chest, because one would think that he'd remember pain.

"That sounds morbid."

With a snort, Zero rocks his chair a moment and reaches a hand back, pressing his fingertips over the top of Suzaku's head.

"It was. You looked like you were dead, Officer."

(And, he would know what a dead person looks like, vivid images of his very dead mother flashing through his brain rapidly and making him close his eyes under his mask.)

The other male tilts his head away from the touch -- knowing and recognizing it to be some sort of comfort being offered to him -- before laughing under his breath and biting out, "Then why am I not in pain? A month is hardly long enough for something like that to just go away- adding to that, I wasn't in pain two weeks ago, either."

Those words make the masked vigilante laugh, too, before taking his hand back and shaking his head imperceptibly.

When Zero doesn't speak up again, Suzaku takes his time thinking about what he said; a knife in his chest? In his chest? He has no doubt that it's possible with the way the other officers would look on at him in envy as he spoke to the Second Prince, who frequently acted like he was his best friend rather than his superior. He had to make sure to keep in mind that Schneizel el Britannia is his superior to make up for the slack.

But, still, none of them really had the balls to try after he proved himself worthy of the attention showered on him. Schneizel made sure that everyone had been aware of just how powerful he was, and just how much effort he put in to get his rank. Unlike what most people had thought -- because, yes, there were rumors, are probably rumors still -- he didn't sleep with that man to get where he wanted to be.

Sure, he might have thought about it every now and again (not even he is immune to Schneizel's winsome charm), but he's never acted on it.

(Not even when Schneizel's gloved hand brushes against his and he's asked if he's alright after the last major battle with the Black Knights.)

He actively wants His Highness about as much as he wants Zero.

tale of atonement | [ 04/?? ]

Zero, who is now shuffling behind him and sliding out of his seat, long legs in view from the corner of Suzaku's left eye. They're narrow and bony, and every time he presses his body against his (all of four times in the past two weeks for the sake of interrogation) his torso is more... thin. Extremely thin for someone who leads a ship full of strong, prideful Japanese men and women.

His hands are slender, however, his fingers long and gentle when he rounds the chair and stands in front of Suzaku, reaching out and brushing against Suzaku's jaw. Shit. Zero had one of these moments a few days ago, and the warmth he feels when those fingers slowly travel down the column of his throat isn't the beginning of gut wrenching hate. Suzaku barely lets himself admit it, but it's true: Zero touches him enough to make him react far more pleasurably than he should.

Those same fingers move down until they brush along the fabric of Suzaku's gray shirt -- right in the middle of his chest.

"How did you heal so quickly and forget about what your fellow officers did to you, Kururugi?" He asks him as his fingers press against that area to irritate the wound that should still be there, healing and scarring over. But, Suzaku's shiver is nothing close to pained.

By the time Suzaku gets enough coherency to answer him, Zero is leaning back on the table and taking his touch with him.

"I don't... I don't know," is how he starts before shaking his head, "and that goes to say that I believe you."

"Certainly. Kururugi, have you ever had moments in time when you would lose time?" There's a pause, and then he starts again. "Say, where something bad has happened, and your vision blacks out. Soon you find yourself somewhere you weren't before, confused about what's happening?"

... yes. "Does it matter?"

"Oh, yes, it does. C.C. has similar moments."

C.C.... "That green-haired girl who comes in here with the pizza?" At least, he thinks it's pizza. It might as well just be sauce, dough, and- and, well, fruit.

But, he can practically hear Zero's scowl when he tilts his head away from him and sighs. "Yes, her. As long as the situation isn't outrageous, she just carries on with her day without a single care in the world. You become desensitized to things like that, and often times you tend to forget that it even happens."

tale of atonement | [ 05/?? ]

He supposes that he understands. Regardless, he can't help but let his thoughts swirl back into the back of his head as he tries to put two and two together to create four. His lost time is something he always keeps track of, making note of them in the journal he takes out to sea whenever the fleet sails.

"What are you getting at?"

Suddenly, Zero sits back on the edge of the table and brings his foot up to tip his chin with the point of his shoe.

"You, my dear Suzaku Kururugi, bear a Code like she does," and that foot lowers before he continues, taking up that spot in Suzaku's lap that he more frequently than not finds himself in these days, "But you've forced yourself to forget that it even exists." Then, his hands grip his shoulders and start venturing down his bound arms, forceful and imposing. "Somewhere on your body, there is a sigil; and, I want to find it."

Scraping at his vocabulary, he tries to find sigil and comes up... mostly blank, with the sole exception being that he does have one. He came upon it one day while getting dressed, catching glimpses of it in the mirror as he goes about his morning routine. But, Suzaku has never really thought much of it; it might have been something that he got during those periods of time that he lost track of minutes and seconds.

Then again, it matches that thing he sees sometimes in Schneizel's left eye.

Raising his knee a bit in between Zero's legs as the other frantically pulls at his clothes as much as he can and scrapes his gloved fingers against his skin, he finds that Zero has a small problem. Which, in turn, makes Zero gasp on top of him and- and that really thrills Suzaku so he presses up again with bright, mischievous eyes, and makes Zero shudder.

"Devious, Suzaku Kururugi," he mutters as his hands retract and he laughs, breathless and deep under the mask. "Tell me about the times you lost time."

And, he does tell him about those times. The first time being when he was just a little kid during the beginnings of the war; he last remembers being in a shrine, and when he woke up he was in a field of bodies.

He tells him about the second time while fighting a battle on the sea; recalling only the sound of Schneizel's voice telling him to watch out and coming back to while Schneizel is running his fingers over the back of his hand. Of course, he hardly gives him the details of that time, because that's none of Zero's god damn business, but he still tells him the things he wants to know.

Re: tale of atonement | [ 05/?? ]

Hnnng, this anon wants more. *camps out*

I wasn't expecting the code, and it's a really neat touch. Also, Lulu, you and your molest-y fingers can turn anyone on. This is why Suzaku went insane with homolusting in canon; Lelouch selfishly kept his fingers to himself, the prude. He could have saved the world much more easily, if he'd just. given. a. tiny. touch...! Then again, perhaps Suzaku is just particularly weak to physical things. *kofkof*

*nudges out bowl, waiting for more* Have I mentioned pirates are sexy?

Re: tale of atonement | [ 05/?? ] w!a

STAY CAMPED FOR A LITTLE BIT LONGER... I'll provide the smores. 8)

hnnng yes Lelouch and Lelouch's molest-y fingers get Suzaku off with one touch-- he'll show Suzaku how to move like Jager yes. but like you said, Lelouch was a giant prude and didn't share dem fingers!! ............. it might just be that he's weak to touch period. particularly skritches to his scalp and lips on his skin.

/puts candy in the bowl... you have not mentioned that, but now I know! and wholeheartedly agree 8)

Re: tale of atonement | [ 05/?? ]

Oh god....when did I become a closeted SchneizelxSuzaku fan. Well not anymore.

Thank you for writing this lovely fill anon, please do continue ;9 pretty intrigued of how Suzaku aged IF he does have the Code

Re: tale of atonement | [ 05/?? ] w!a

h e h SchneizelxSuzaku is pretty much all I can ship post-requiem, and now it's reflecting in all of my AU fic... (well. most of them. 'like a bird' doesn't have Schneizel in it IT WOULD HAVE BEEN FAR TOO TEMPTING TO SLIP SCHNEIZEL/SUZAKU IN THERE...) I'm surprised no one has asked about the bird Geass in Schneizel's eye-- /SHOT DOWN- if it's even Geass at all 8) /won't reveal it yet!!

np ♥ hehehe you will find out as soon as I have my flashdrive in hand next monday/wednesday. (yea) STAY TUUUUNED--! and thank you for reading. C:

tale of atonement | [ 06/?? ]

(Around this time, Zero figures out that Suzaku is more lion-hearted than even he.)

Calming himself down, the pirate crosses one leg over the other while he sits on the table and observes his prisoner. He sees him writhing at certain points in his stories, trying to break free of his bonds -- (dead bodies in the fields) -- and watches him calm down when His Highness the Second Prince is mentioned in passing. It seems as if that is the only common denominator in his stories more often than naught: Schneizel el Britannia, the Second Prince of the Holy Britannian Empire. But, why is that? Surely he would have other memories off --

(And then, Suzaku tells him that he remembers Zero's mask and a sword.)

-- but it couldn't be. Britannia and Japan did not degenerate; they advanced until they corrupted themselves to the point of no return, Charles zi Britannia taking, taking, and taking until he couldn't take any more. And, Suzaku is talking about something that only Britannian royalty knows about: the original of Zero's outfit, the origin of Zero himself.

But, it's just a myth; a story that is told to make people behave, especially the children in the family. It's not true.

(Perhaps in another world. Perhaps.)

"Schneizel- tell me about your relationship with him," 'Zero' says as he shifts again and leans forward to watch Suzaku's facial expression tighten.

"Ha- you're asking me to tell you about a lot of things."

"Quite the opposite -- I'm not asking, I'm demanding."

He uncrosses his legs and makes a mental note that green eyes follow their path; he doesn't really make note of when he, too, follows the path of Suzaku's shifting leg. They're very nice legs, though.

He's going to pretend that he didn't just think that. Maybe he should go back on that hunt for Suzaku's Code -- Suzaku's beautiful, blood red Code, the connected wings on his body, his freedom and immortality.

"Then I'm afraid that I can't tell you. I don't answer to the demands of a pirate," the other spits out, furious again and just as beautiful as any Code that Lelouch vi Britannia suspects is on his body. It knocks Lelouch's breath out of his body and -- just maybe -- makes his heart pound as he wonders if Suzaku makes love the same way he defies and fights.

It's just a passing thought and nothing more. It's not like he is actually thinking of untying Suzaku from that chair because he wants to test his theory- no, definitely not. He doesn't trust that Suzaku will not run away, nevermind that he doesn't have anymore to go to other than the waters around them. Suzaku is crazy enough to swim his way back to the military.

Then, Suzaku's muscles lock up and mm, maybe he would just--

tale of atonement | [ 07/?? ]

"Don't fucking touch me--!" And, he struggles and makes Zero laugh as his hand glides over Suzaku's body again. Suzaku is angry and wired for a fight.

"Oh?" Zero lilts, letting the tip of one boot lazily drag up a clothed thigh. Shame that they gave him pants. "Is that what you tell your commander when he tries to get into your pants for a little fun...?"

That is what truly sets Suzaku off and Lelouch doesn't see it coming until it actually happens and he has to holler for help.


"You punched me hard enough to break the mask."

"I'm not sorry."

"I imagine not," he tsks, leaning back and knocking his head against Suzaku's gently. "You're so juvenile, getting worked up about something like that."

At this, Suzaku sputters, "'Something like that'? You insinuated that I was sleeping with my fellow officers-- nevermind that I'm not, for your information, and would never."

"That's good! More soldiers could learn from someone like you," a pause as he hears Suzaku scoff, "chivalrous and valiant until the end, hmm?"

He thinks that he hears Suzaku say something along the lines of 'hardly', but he might have just been imagining that. Sitting behind his prisoner with his mask off because that very same prisoner nearly broke his cheekbone and jaw when he broke his restraints and aimed a fist right at his face.

Lelouch shouldn't feel as comfortable as he does right now, all things considered. But, it's nice to relax like this every once in a while. All things considered, it's probably because they tied Suzaku up shibari-style- with chains, this time. He would have to be a giant green monster to get out of those, and if he breaks them this time -- a highly unlikely possibility -- Lelouch is going to be pissed.

Because, damn it, it took him a long time to properly tie the chains in strong enough knots! He isn't used to typing people up by himself- but, he supposes that it wouldn't be so bad if he hadn't wanted anyone to see him...

(But. Still.)

"How is the wound feeling now?"

... what? "What?" Yes, that exactly. Lelouch would pat himself on the back for sounding so scholarly and eloquent if he had the balls to put his hands anywhere near Suzaku again.

"I said--!" Suzaku seems to struggle with himself for a moment, and Lelouch knows that he's frowning. "How does it feel now? Has the swelling gone down?"

"Is that guilt I hear?"

tale of atonement | [ 08/?? ]

"It's the sound of your delusion." Ouch -- it's probably true, though. Not that Lelouch is going to admit it. "But- I'm just... I'm just curious."

He's not sure he's ready to think that his prisoner actually cares about him. That is a one way street up psychology lane, and his face hurts too much for something like that. He would much rather curl up in bed right now with some warm blankets and sleep some more, but someone dependable has to watch Suzaku and make sure he doesn't burn his wrists on the chains trying to get out.

He did that with the rope during the first week he had stayed here, gritting his teeth and fighting back the pain as he tried to get out; but, half-hearted attempts are nothing helpful to someone half-assing an escape.

So, Lelouch will grace those questions with answers, "It feels fine, thank you for asking. I feel like any person after getting punched in the face." However, "The swelling... has gone down, yes."

Suzaku smiles behind him, but he doesn't see it.

"That's... good," he mutters as he leans forward a bit from beneath the chains and sighs. That's right -- "I remembered something last night."

More dead bodies? "Oh? Care to share with the rest of the audience?" Lelouch notes very carefully that Suzaku's snorting doesn't make him any less attractive in his eyes.

"Not if you're going to act like that about it. Look, you deserved it- at least admit that you were wrong for saying what you did."

"I wasn't wrong in assuming that you would sleep with any one person who walked by and offered you a promotion for your service," the pirate snaps irritably now, growling under his breath. "Isn't that what every soldier does to get where they want to be: sleep their way to the top?"

Feeling the other male squirm behind him, he's sure he hit the dot. "Maybe... some of them," Suzaku admits softly. "But, I've never- not that I... not that I remember. I mean, I don't remember, but from what I know: I didn't sleep with any of my superiors to get where I am." Because there's a fucking difference between thinking about sleeping with your superior (Suzaku thinking about it for a different, more meaningful reason than a shallow promotion not gained through effort) and actually doing it.

"I just want to do what I can for the future. Is that so wrong?"

No, Lelouch thinks as he lets his neck curve, his head tipping back this time to rest there. There's absolutely nothing wrong with that.

Re: tale of atonement | [ 08/?? ]

wooohoo, go Suzaku... XD
Lovin'it... **

tale of atonement | [ 09/?? ]

"I still didn't do anything wrong."

With a sigh, Suzaku's stubborn shoulders slump in defeat and he leans away from Lelouch's tipped head. "Get away from me, Lelo."

Lelo. L-E-L-O. If Lelouch remembers right, that's a girl's name; it's also the four letters than C.C. let slip out. Is Suzaku assuming that he's a girl? No, that tone was something far more resigned- less teasing than any other time, and Lelouch hates it. He was born with one name and something close to fury takes ahold on him as he rises from his seat and shouts, "It's Lelouch, not 'Lelo'!"

Blinking, Suzaku looks over his shoulder and watches as an unmasked Zero -- 'Lelouch' now -- blazes passed him in all of his foolishly furious fury and preens his flat ass out of the cabin. Meanwhile all Suzaku can think is, 'Wow.'

Lelouch doesn't mirror that thought.

'I've gone and done it now.'

The purple-eyed, dark-haired, pretty boy terrorist doesn't visit Suzaku for a long while after that.

All that Suzaku is given to pass time are thoughts that do nothing but confuse him. C.C. doesn't give him much information, and Kallen is too busy sneering at him for him to ask her anything about the 'Code'. And, as much as he wishes he could, he can't sound a bell loud enough for Schneizel to come and get him and fucking explain.

Schneizel el Britannia, his superior and commander. Schneizel, his one and only --

(There's nothing here. There's nothing about him but eyes soft enough to touch and hands and smiles gentle enough to make wildlife flourish, and a sky that seems almost endless.

"Suzaku Kururugi... I want to make a contract with you. Just once, I want to feel like I'm someone's first," an already charismatic golden-haired child of nine years says as he reaches out to the shattered remains of what was, cradling a bleeding head in his lap.

He shifts to his hands and knees, making the child's smile falter in an unsure way, at once shy and withdrawn because perhaps he's crossed a line. His own hands reach up as he leans back on his knees, taking smaller hands in his and squeezing them carefully. I only need one, he knows that this boy is trying to say. One person who looks at him and looks into him.


tale of atonement | [ 10/?? ]

-- prince and partner. His back burns and he writhes in his chair, struggling against his binds for what seems like the millionth time as he feels like he's being thrown into flames and continuously struck. It's not the first time he's felt like this, he has to remind himself; there are two others time just this month that he's wanted to do nothing more than hope that the waters below take pity on him and swallow him whole.

(And still, he would not die.)

But, Lelouch had used chains for a reason; while quite difficult to get out of, it's not impossible. Suzaku is no gorilla, but he's certainly clever enough to find a way out of it.

He can't be selfish and willful anymore.

Another week passes, but not of mundane routine: it's just the little things now that ping a part of his memory, slowly linking them piece by piece. Lelouch comes to visit sometimes too, offering him a reprieve from (pain) (anguish) (loneliness) his memories. He has a new mask, and despite the fact that Suzaku has already seen him without it he won't take it off. Something about keeping to his word, whatever that is. Even Suzaku knows how important promises are.

He has a promise to fulfill with a selfless child, after all. Suzaku feels him drawing closer and closer with each day that passes, and all he's doing now is waiting for him to come and save him again. ("I will always be by your side.")

Right now, Lelouch is rather endearing -- switching his chains for rope because Suzaku's thrashing brought about angry red welts across his skin that'll just heal anyway -- and telling him to stop going against his binds so much because he's only hurting himself. He's worried, and rightfully so, and it makes Suzaku smile and tell him that they wouldn't have this problem if Lelouch would just let him out of the binds.

He knows that Lelouch is scowling under his mask, but he doesn't care. It reminds him of chess pieces under his fingers and silk teasing across his skin as a light-haired teenager with a single red eye smiles and tells him about his day. Would this pirate be the same way? He doesn't exactly fit into the typical stereotypes that Suzaku has heard about in the places he's visited. Yes, people are being killed, but on a much less scale than those mothers whisper about to their children. And, it's not like Lelouch is pillaging every port he comes across.

As a matter of fact, the thin man standing in front of him now seems and acts more like a Prince than he does a rowdy pirate. Suzaku tells him that too, and he's pretty sure that Lelouch is smiling a sad smile when he slips into his position on his lap. Bare hands reach up and cup his cheeks, fingertips graze his skin, the smooth surface of Lelouch's mask knocks against his nose, reminding him again of quiet, blissfully peaceful days.

Suzaku is not attracted to sadism or pirates who like to sit on his lap, but he is strangely attracted to easy-to-pink pale skin and bright eyes. He likes intelligent people, people who can out think him, people who can control him -- and he likes tender smiles and secretive, but affectionate touches. At one point, he thinks he liked pink dresses and flowers, but it had never been the right things for him to look at and not punish himself over.

tale of atonement | [ 11/?? ]

His request is hushed, but no less sincere as it passes through his lips and- and maybe he is attracted to pirates who like to sit on his lap and tell him that they'll give him the world if he would just join him. None the less, Lelouch's hands are sliding away and quickly chucking his mask to the side, a face mask being pulled down from its position halfway over his nose. Those same hands return to his face and burn their way across his skin to smooth against his scalp and through tangles. He's definitely attracted to Lelouch's hands.

He is attracted to Lelouch's lips too, reciprocating each and every (possessive) hard kiss delivered to his mouth while the burning trail is dragged down his head, neck, and back, making their way to the rope keeping him from wrapping his arms around the surprisingly fragile body on his lap. Deftly, nimble fingers free his numb arms and he silently shakes them out, keeping his eyes on Lelouch's face to see if he's going to pull away from him in fear that he's going to be hit again.

Lelouch does not pull away from him. On the contrary, he slips himself closer and presses their chests together so that Suzaku can't go far without Lelouch if he chooses to run -- as if, at this point, he would even try. Or, if Lelouch even weighs enough to be able to stop him if he really wants to go and throw himself into the waters. He presses close and clings and doesn't let go, kissing harder and longer and really trying to get more of a positive reaction out of him.

That is why the brunet smiles against Lelouch's moving lips and wraps his arms around the other male's body, securely wrapping them up together as much as he can with the chains still around him. The body against his seems to relax when he does that, violet eyes sliding closed and his following suit.

Yeah. He definitely attracted to dark-haired, violet-eyed pirates who like to sit on his lap and tell him that they'll give him the world if he would just join him and stay by their side. Which is- exactly what Lelouch is doing right now as he angles his hips and rolls them against Suzaku's, hands pushing the chains down to his waist and tugging them off until they fall to the floor with a ear-splitting sort of sound. It is drowned out by Lelouch's gasp, his head lolling to the side as he continues vying for the friction between them.

It leaves Suzaku's mouth free to start kissing along his vulnerable cheek and jaw, his own hands able to move wherever they please as he moves them along Lelouch's back and to his front.

Zero's suit is an easy enough ordeal to overcome, the first jacket with a zipper in the front easy enough to pull down with the only regret being that stops the movement of Lelouch's hips. Once the first layer is opened, his hands are free to tug the pin out of the cravat and tug the cravat itself out of its flare, then moving to unzip that blue shirt until the third layer is revealed. Suzaku has to raise a questioning eyebrow at that, eyes flicking up to meet Lelouch's and hands moving in a slow, warm drag down Lelouch's still clothed chest.

"Were these many layers necessary, Zero?" He asks, breath hot over Lelouch's skin. Lelouch's hands clutch at his shoulders, his hips responding again when Suzaku starts grinding upwards. It's enough to slow his processing down, giving Suzaku a few more seconds of time to untuck the black undershirt and slip his hands under it -- the thinnest layer yet, Suzaku finds out when he touches the smooth skin under it.

tale of atonement | [ 12/?? ]

There is a shiver before Lelouch regains his composure and lets a smirk form on his lips. "Certainly. It's the aesthetic beauty of it that matters," he quips as he slides his hands down the other male's white shirt, undoing buttons on his way down.

"Are you sure it's not just because it gets cold while you're sailing out here?" He watches Lelouch's face flush a bit at the teasing, and it's really exhilarating to actually see him react so Suzaku takes the opportunity presented to him to lean forward and kiss him.

It's a bit cold when his skin in revealed for Lelouch to touch -- trying to distract him so that he doesn't realize that Lelouch hasn't answered his question -- and he lets Lelouch adjust the shirt any which way that he wants to adjust it before he feels him pause. Curiously, he tilts his head like a dog and then-

And then, he feels the sting on his skin, eyes immediately flicking down to see that Lelouch is tracing a line of red where the chain damaged his skin because Suzaku had struggled too much. Lelouch's face is pulled into a grimace, his eyes sorrowful as he slips off of Suzaku's lap and gets on his knees. His face leans in and a kiss is placed against the reddened skin, making Suzaku shudder in place.

"Hey -- it's alright," Suzaku tries to reassure the other as he feels his lips move across his skin, but it doesn't look like it's helping much because Lelouch just keeps kissing along and- and his face is really close to an area that would very much like attention. "Lelouch--!"

His worried protest is cut off as the pirate surges up and his lips crash against his, teeth knocking and lips sucking his bottom lip. "I'm sorry," he whispers for Suzaku and only Suzaku to hear, hearing a door open and not exactly close.

It's Suzaku who looks at the person in the doorway, an eyebrow shooting up. "Hey." Nonchalant, and totally not awkward. That is exactly what this situation is in Suzaku's head.

Meanwhile, Lelouch's face heats because the person who walked in is now snickering. And, he knows that snicker. He knows it very, very well, and his body immediately rises so that he can both hide Suzaku's half-naked state and snap, "Stop laughing!"

C.C. stands there and breaks out into a full on laugh, eyes closed and mouth open as she puts her hand over her stomach and lets loose. She doesn't calm down until the sound of rushed footsteps can be heard, and she closes the door with a kick.

"Kallen owes me three large pizzas when we get to a new town. Remember that for me," she drawls, still clearly amused as she slinks her way back over to the boys, sliding into the vacant chair across the table. Her eyes wander from her clearly ruffled and on-the-way-to-getting-laid accomplice to her new immortal friend, and finally to the chains on the floor next to the chair. "Will you be putting those back on him?"

Irritably, Lelouch's eyes move to where she's looking and he's immediately somber.


Re: tale of atonement | [ 12/?? ]

Oh ♥

So lovely.

Re: tale of atonement | [ 12/?? ]

*whispers like a lover in w!a's ear* More...

Re: tale of atonement | [ 12/?? ]

this. this. aggghhhhhh soooo tantalizingggg....

i have to wonder at the veracity of suzaku's memories of schneizel and whether their bond is really as strong as suzaku believes it to be. i'm so accustomed to second guessing schneizel's intentions that i can't help but feel there must be another game at foot!!!

tale of atonement | [ 13/?? ] i'm back for this fic too 8)

"I'm surprised - more that you aren't going on with fucking him more than the fact that you aren't putting the chains back on him."

"Yes, well, no one asked you for your opinion, did they?" Lelouch asks as he moves towards the chains and toes them with the tip of his boot, scowling fiercely. "He doesn't need to have them on anymore."

C.C. arches an eyebrow and turns her attention to Suzaku, lips frowning for once as she says, "He seems to be under the impression that you're trustworthy enough to leave out of your binds."

Snorting, Suzaku starts buttoning his shirt back up and standing from the seat. He stretches long and hard - he could moan because it feels so good to work out the knots and cricks in his muscles and bones, guh - moving on to stretch his legs, too, when he sees that Lelouch is tense. His lips don't seem to be able to smile, seeing that.

"I can assure you that as long as I'm bound when you leave this room, I won't be going anywhere. While I'm in this room and unbound with the door closed, I won't leave, either," and then he gestures towards the door, "However, if the door is open while I'm unbound, I'm leaving. Understand that, and understand it well."

He changed a little bit, Lelouch notes vaguely, eyes narrowing a bit as his lips twitch into a fierce scowl.

"Also," Suzaku continues, legs moving his towards Lelouch with a slight stumble and bare hands reaching out – cupping Lelouch's cheeks, despite how startled he becomes by it. "I'm not trustworthy enough to leave alone in a room with you."

That should have been directed at C.C., directed at Kallen, directed at someone other than Lelouch, but Lelouch blinks and- doesn't really feel threatened, not with the way that Suzaku is looking at him, not with the way that Suzaku is kissing him. He reaches up and grabs Suzaku's arms, squeezing over cloth and moaning (partially) to grant access when Suzaku's tongue touches his bottom lip.

His mouth closes around that tongue and he gets a suck in before C.C. snorts at him. It's funny how he can forget her presence when he has lips on his - at least Suzaku has enough common sense to get his tongue out of his mouth and his hands off of his face so that he can turn his head and frown.

"What did you want," he asks, his frown reaching his eyes. "Surely you didn't come in here just because I was gone for so long."

Snorting again, the witch of a woman shakes her head and turns away from them. "I saw a naval ship through the scope - and I know that they saw us," she says finally, bringing her hand up so that she can inspect her nails, even more nonchalant than when she came in.

Jerking to attention, Lelouch pulls away from Suzaku's proximity, his eyes darting between his two resident Code bearers - one almost half as old as the rock the town they're visiting is on, and the other some age that he can't discern - momentarily unsure of what to do.

tale of atonement | [ 14/?? ]

"Was it Schneizel?" A blank look. "Can you tell me if it was Schneizel?" It's not like Schneizel's ship is hard to miss, more often than not a large, white dot on the horizon.

When C.C. doesn't answer, he looks to Suzaku for answers.

Green eyes look off to the side before Suzaku turns away as well and walks back to his seat. Lelouch tries to pretend that he doesn't watch the sway of Suzaku's hips or that he doesn't follow the line of his back to his firm ass.

"Are you asking me if I can feel him?"

"Yes, Suzaku, I'm asking you if you can feel him!" Into which he throws his hands in the air, giving his new brown-haired Asian guyfriend a pointed look. "Tell me the truth: is he near my ship?"

"When you take that tone with me, I'm not sure if I want to answer you," Suzaku chides as he sits down, closing his eyes for a moment to listen to Lelouch sputter indignantly. "There's a good chance that that was Schneizel's ship - but there's an even higher chance that he wasn't on it."

Breathing out, the pirate starts pacing around the cabin and thinking. They do not have many cannons left to shoot or ammunition to spare and Lelouch is well aware that Suzaku won't rat Schneizel out no matter how many times Lelouch asks. Still, if it means that he can spare a few of his men - then Lelouch wants to be ready for Schneizel.

He doesn't see Suzaku again until that night, walking in to find Suzaku rolling his shoulders and sighing. Momentarily he expects the immortal to start prattling on about old man things, pleasantly surprised when he keeps his mouth firmly shut. The quiet are more easy to deal with when Lelouch just wants someone to talk at. Still, he wants to know something else.

"Suzaku," Lelouch starts, walking over to Suzaku and sliding his mask off for the second time that day. He sets it on the table gently before continuing, his eyes on his mask, "I want to know something else."

His eyes do not get to see the shine in Suzaku's when he looks at Lelouch with a blank face. "Ah? Is it about Schneizel?" He asks, moving to sit on the bed and rub his wrists. The burns from the chains and rope are gone now, the skin having repaired itself over the span of an hour after Suzaku had been able to actually relax. Of course, that is increasingly difficult the longer he is away from his beloved partner, but...

"No. It's about you," is what Lelouch says as he chooses then to look at Suzaku, shifting his body towards Suzaku and sitting next to him. "What was your name before 'Suzaku Kururugi' existed?"

Raising an eyebrow, Suzaku doesn't take the time to contemplate laying out his life story for Lelouch and instead gives him a half-straight answer: "It was Z.Z. - and he didn't exist after 'I' did."

tale of atonement | [ 15/?? ]

Meanwhile, Schneizel is sitting in his makeshift office on a smaller ship, tapping a finger against his desk and mentally ironing out how he's going to get his quiet Code bearer away from that foolish pirate. Red eyes glance from one stack of papers to the other, twin birds blinking before -

"Your Highness, we're close to the southern port city. Would you like us to dock in the providence next to it?"

At Guangzhou already? He turns his chair away mostly so that he doesn't have to reveal the sight of his Geass and sighs. "We have to. If the pirates will dock in Guangzhou, we will dock in the providence just next to it," is what he tells the other, hands folding in his lap. That way it will only take him half the time that it normally would to get to Z.Z. and take him back home with him.

"Of course, Your Highness."

He doesn't speak until he hears the door close and the sound of footsteps fades, "Z.Z., I'm coming for you." And, it is with that that he stands, looking off to the side to see Kanon there. He - "You look like you have something to say."

It is the same question that he asks every time Schneizel favors Suzaku: why?

And, it garners the same answer that it does every other time: nothing more than the smiling mask of a man with only one motive.

("I'll make a contract with you," he whispers against the lips of a child too young and too sweet for anything like Geass. "And if you should ever fall behind me, I'll stop and wait for you. If it calls for it, I'll go back and get you."

Blue eyes are bright as the child Prince initiates the contact - and this is only the second time that Suzaku has made a contract, but it's essentially the same person so does it really matter? It's the same wispy blond hair that he runs his fingers through in that world, the same pale-skinned forehead that he presses his lips against, the same soul that connects with his in a way more intimate than most.

C.C. had told him that it wasn't wise to seek out the person who had been torn away from him to begin with. But, he doesn't particularly like her so he doesn't heed those words and presses closer more insistently until he and Schneizel are back down to earth.

It's a place where Suzaku can put his arms around the not-yet-ten-year-old and keep him close enough to really see him. This boy had been driven by the need for companionship in a world too far gone to realize what it has in it, and Suzaku loves him all the more for it.

Fingertips touch his face and he does as he is bid before Schneizel speaks.

"Then, if you get away from me - I will hunt you down and take you back," are the words spoken like a promise, the little boy curling up slightly and revealing a very red right eye.

Suzaku finds that he loves this child more than the world itself.)

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